Declarations and Prayers of Acceptance from God

I thought of you when I read this quote from “Destroying the Spirit of Rejection: Receive Love and Acceptance and Find Healing” by John Eckhardt –

“God accepts me because of what Jesus did, not because of my works. God is holy. His standard is perfection. Nothing less will do. I am perfected through the sacrifice of Jesus, and my lifestyle and works will show my faith. Holiness and righteousness are God’s standards. I commit my life to a life of holiness and righteousness; if I make a mistake, I know His blood will cleanse me. But my goal is that in Christ I will live a crucified lifestyle. My prayer, my praise, my worship, and my life will be acceptable to God through His Son Jesus Christ. 


Lord, I love You. Accept my worship. Accept my prayer. Accept my life. Accept my ministry to You. Accept my service. Accept my giving. I present it all to You. Accept it, O God. My life is my sacrifice to You, O God. Accept it through Jesus Christ. I pray that my life will be acceptable to You, that it would come up into Your nostrils as a sweet-smelling savor. Let my life be pleasing to You, O God. I want to please You, Lord. I will not compromise. I will not accept anything in my life that is unrighteous, ungodly, and evil. In the name of Jesus I will not lower my standard for any person or any teaching. I will keep my standard high. In Jesus’s name I will have a standard of holiness and righteousness all the days of my life.”

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